IMPLEMENTAR CONSULTORES SRL are looking for a DATA SCIENTIST Semi Senior ( SSr)  to be part of the important IT Consultant Company comming soom installing in URUGUAY  in a professional team.


Data Scientist applies strong expertise in artificial intelligence through use of machine learning, data mining, and information retrieval to design, prototype and build next generation advanced analytics engines and services.

The data scientist collaborates with business partners to define the technical problem statement and hypothesis to test; develops efficient and accurate analytical models that mimic business decisions and incorporates them into analytical data products or tools with the support of a cross-functional team.


  • Bachelor’s in Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics and 3+ years’ experience required OR Graduate degree in quantitative discipline and demonstrated Data Science skill set, plus 2+ years’ work experience
  • Must have Python or R proficiency working with DataFrames
  • Must have proficiency writing complex SQL queries
  • Must have proficiency with Machine Learning to solve clustering, classification, regression, anomaly detection, simulation and optimization problems on large scale data sets
  • Must have proven ability to merge and transform disparate internal & external data sets together to create new features. Ideal requests:
  • Experience with data visualization tools preferred — Tableau
  • Experience with Big Data technologies desired — Hadoop, Spark,, Cloud AI platforms, containerization
  • Experience with supporting deployment, monitoring, maintenance and enhancement of models desired


Please, send us your CV to this Portal and adittionaly to Implementar with gross salary in pesos uruguayos and your equivalent in dollars. Thank´s.

Los interesados que apliquen con el perfil, Favor enviar su CV en formato Word o PDF actualizado y completo con indicación de su remuneración bruta pretendida al presente Portal y adicionalmente a los mails de Implementar  Gracias.

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